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Always Wanted to Race? You Can Buy Your Very Own 2.3-Mile Race Track for a Cool $10 Million

The track comes with 10,000 square feet of modern racing facilities.

Oregon Raceway Park LoopNet

There are plenty of ways for auto enthusiasts to make their racing dreams a reality. You can buy a rare race car at auction or take a class at racing school to learn the tricks of the trade. But if you’re really serious about pursuing racing glory, you’re going to want to spend long hours honing your skills at the track. And what better way to do that than by actually having one of your own.

It just so happens that one just went on sale in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon Raceway Park, located two hours east of Portland in Grass Valley, is currently up for grabs, according to The Drive. The asking price? $10 million.

This isn’t a simple oval we’re talking about, either. Oregon Raceway Park is a 2.34-mile road course with 16 corners—several of the hairpin variety, too—and 400 feet of elevation change, according to its LoopNet listing. The tarmac measures 40 feet wide and features smooth, race-grade asphalt laid over a 16-inch road bed.

Oregon Raceway Park

A map of the Oregon Raceway Park circuit  LoopNet

As impressive as the winding road course may be, that’s not all you’ll get when you buy Oregon Raceway Park. The sprawling property covers 434 acres and features 10,000 square feet of racing facilities. These include a 12-bay garage, a paved paddock and two above-ground refueling stations. There are also an old-fashioned wood barn, modern restroom and shower facilities and a dedicated first aid station for EMT use.

And if you find yourself itching for expansion, 100 acres of the property are currently undeveloped. According LoopNet’s listing, the land can be developed and used to build more facilities or turned into farmland.


Oregon Raceway Park


If there is one sticking point with the race course, it’s that the current owners want the new owner to buy their business in its entirety. This means you’ll have to honor all the track’s existing contracts and commitments before turning it into your own personal testing grounds. Of course, if you have a spare $10 million to spend on a race course, chances are you won’t mind.

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