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Is It a Plane or a Supercar? Pagani’s Newest Vehicle Will Celebrate ‘Air Speed’

Yes, that speedometer is in knots.

Pagani is known for creating exotic supercars with the aerodynamics to rival a fighter jet, but its newest addition may emulate an aircraft in more ways than one. The Italian marque has just teased what appears to be a new member of the family, and it’s got some strong aeronautical cues.

On Monday, Pagani released a teaser video of the vehicle, which will apparently be revealed in just two days time, along with a decidedly ambiguous message.

“On December 17, we will celebrate Air Speed. Stay with us and hold on tight!”

The most significant part of the 15-second clip is the gauge that pops up mid-way through. It looks just like a speedometer, except that the velocity isn’t being measured in the typical miles or kilometers per hour; it’s displayed in knots. There’s also a digital readout that depicts the speed in Mach. Both of these units of measurement, of course, are used with aircraft, not cars, which suggests Pagani has developed a blisteringly fast vehicle of some kind. Whether it has four wheels or two wings remains an open question.

The teaser also showcases an airflow sensor mounted to a piece of carbon fiber. It’s reminiscent of the components you would see on an aircraft or Formula One racer and hints at even more speed, especially since it has the word “Caution” on it.

In the clip, however, the vehicle only accelerates to Mach 0.12 which equates to a modest 92 mph. That’s definitely not aircraft quick. It also appears to emit the guttural growl of a Pagani supercar and not the scream of a jet.

The Pagani Imola

The Pagani Huayra Imola.  Pagani

So, what will we actually see on Thursday? Our money is on the new Huayra R. The 15th Huayra variant is rumored to be powered by a naturally aspirated V-12 engine that produces an insane 900 horsepower. If that’s true, it will eclipse the 827 hp Huayra Imola (above) and become Pagani’s most powerful car to date.

Thursday’s reveal could also be dedicated to the Huayra’s successor, codenamed the C10. Not much is known about Pagani’s third supercar, except that it will be offered with either a twin-turbo V-12 from Mercedes-AMG or an electric powertrain.

Both the Huayra R and C10 were originally meant to be revealed in 2021, but perhaps Pagani wanted to add a little positivity and pizzaz to the year that shall not be named. We await with bated breath.

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