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Someone Finally Designed a Camper Trailer That Can Be Towed by Your EV

Polydrops the electrical system in its P17A camper has enough power to go off the grid for six days.

Polydrops P17A trailer Polydrops

Normally you would need a burly truck or SUV to tow a trailer. That’s not the case with Polydrops’s latest model, which can be pulled by practically any vehicle, even an EV.

The California startup’s latest model, the P17A, is an ultra-angular teardrop-shaped trailer specifically designed to play nice with electrified vehicles. It features a lightweight design and a unique power setup that reduces stress on electric drivetrains and will allow you to go off the grid for six days.

Polydrops P17A trailer

Polydrops P17A trailer  Polydrops

The 13.6-foot-long trailer features a lightweight aluminum frame and has been specifically sized for smaller cars and EVs. It has a base 2.4-kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery system integrated into the bottom of the vehicle, just like an EV skateboard chassis, which helps evenly distribute weight, according to New Atlas. The batteries can be charges via roof-mounted 260-W solar panels or a 110-volt inlet charger. If you want more power, the battery system can be upgraded all the way up to 12-kWh and the solar system up to 520 watts. Despite all the juice this system provides, the trailer tips the scales at just 1,200 lbs. That’s not nothing, but it won’t completely deplete your EV’s driving range either.

This battery system is more than enough to provide power for the trailer and all its amenities for up to six days, according to the startup. Some outlets have expressed skepticism of this claim, since the company’s calculation was reached by running the trailer’s HVAC system for three hours a day, its lights for four hours and its fridge for 10 hours. Still, unless you’re going to treat it like you do your home, chances are it’s got more than enough power to do whatever it is you want to do while camping.

Polydrops P17A trailer

Inside the Polydrops P17A  Polydrops


The P17A’s electrical system may be its biggest selling point, but its geometric design is likely the first thing you’ll notice. The exterior of the polygonal trailer is all sharp angles and anodized aluminum. In fact, it’s a perfect stylistic match for the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck, even more so than the official renderings of similar products from the EV giant. Things look a lot less dystopian inside its gull-wing-style doors. There you’ll find a welcoming interior appointed with white and Baltic birch finishes, a full-size mattress, warm LED lighting and optional kitchenette (with a 20-liter fridge and sink) that is accessible from inside and outside the vehicle, via the rear hatch. It’s definitely cozy, but there’s more than enough room for two adults to sleep comfortably.

If you want to take your Tesla Model S or Porsche Taycan camping, Polydrop’s trailer might be just what you’re looking for. You can now order one of your very own through the company’s website. The trailer starts at $24,990, though add-ons can push things up to $36,000.

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