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Watch: This Drone Will Take You on a High-Flying Tour of Germany’s Incredible Porsche Museum

The DJI Avata gets closer to the cars than you ever will.

Visiting the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany is almost like the trek to Mecca for brand loyalists. But not every collector can make the trip in person. Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, you can now do the next best thing—take a high-flying video tour of the museum online.

Chinese drone maker DJI has just posted a video to Youtube (via Motor1.com) of its Avata drone zipping through the automotive museum. The clip is quick at just two minutes—any longer might trigger motion sickness—but it gives you a wonderful taste of what to expect from the stunning exhibition hall.

The clip is clearly meant to be a commercial for DJI’s new compact first-person view (FPV) drone, but if you’re like us, you’ll only have eyes for all the Porsches on display. The Avata begins the video outside the museum, hovering in the night sky, before diving through its front doors and setting off on a quick tour of the multi-floor building and its stunning collection of historically important automobiles. The drone zooms passed dozens of incredible Porsches throughout, including the Type 360 Cisitalia race car, 356 speedster and the Carrera GT.

DJi's Avata FPV drone zooms between race cars at the Porsche Museum
The DJi Avata FPV drone zooms between race cars at the Porsche Museum DJI/YouTube

What really caught our eye—and is the best show of the drone’s capabilities—is how close the drone gets to some of the collection’s most important vehicles. It zips under the open engine cover of the Rothmans Porsche 953 that won the 1984 Paris-Dakar Rally, shoots through the opening in the rear clamshell of a Gulf-liveried 917K race car and passes through the open window of the original air-cooled 911 GT2. If you came this close to any of these Porsches at the actual museum, you’d almost certainly be immediately escorted out by security.

If you’re not heading to Stuttgart anytime soon, and would rather see some Porsches in person, you’re in luck. The Peterson Museum in Los Angeles is hosting a 40-car retrospective in celebration of the marque’s 75th anniversary. The exhibition, which includes everything from a 1953 550 Spyder that was raced by Betty Shutes and Ken Miles to Steve McQueen’s 1976 911 Turbo, opens on Sunday, April 16, and will be on display for the next year.

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