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You Can Now Buy a New Porsche Without Ever Going to the Dealership

Customers will now be able to buy Porsches online in the US for the first time.

The Porsche Taycan 4S. Photo: Courtesy of Porsche AG.

It just got a little easier to buy your next 911—and you may not even have to meet with a pesky salesman to make it happen. That’s because Porsche has now made it possible to buy one of its coveted sports cars online.

The German automaker is launching online vehicle sales in the US for the very first time, the company announced in a press release Monday. In collaboration with 25 dealerships across the country, the pilot program will allow potential buyers to shop from the convenience of home on their computer or smartphone.

While the program doesn’t take the entire buying process online, it allows customers to handle all the most arduous tasks of buying a car through the websites of participating dealerships. There they’ll be able to pick exactly what Taycan, Cayenne or 911 they want from the dealership’s new and pre-owned inventory and complete the majority of the documentation and payment process. They will still need to show up in person to pick up the car, but we’re guessing most buyers won’t mind handling that themselves.

Despite taking the process online, the marque says the prices listed on each dealership’s website aren’t necessarily set in stone. There will still be room for “haggling,” for those who enjoy negotiating—within reason, of course.

“The pilot [program] will allow for customers to express their expectations and for both parties to communicate online to finalize the deal,” a Porsche spokesperson told Robb Report. “One [goal of] the pilot is to see how customers and dealers will opt to transact and agree on pricing.”


While the program is currently limited to just 25 of the 191 independently owned and operated Porsche dealerships in the US, there are plans to expand it if it proves to be a success. The program isn’t just limited to the US, either; the company is also piloting an online buying system in Germany at the same time.

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