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Protect Valuable Collector Car Investments and Become a Member of an Exclusive Motorsports Community

Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Sports Cars, Classics, Race Cars, Collector Cars, High Performance Bikes, Vintage Motorcycles—New and antique vehicles of all kinds are more valuable to Car Guys than mere price tags. They represent a serious investment in the passion of motoring. According to the Historic Automobile Group’s HAGI Top Index, the value of rare classic cars rose more than 500% over the past decade.

Car and motorcycle investors usually own several vehicles in their collection.  Most spend countless hours restoring or maintaining them.  Others display them at shows or drive them in cruises.  Many live for speed and take them to tracks to race.

Regardless of whether they engage in some or all of the above, properly storing and trailering these prized possessions raises issues and expenses. Typically, home garages aren’t the best environments for collections, nor are they secure enough.  Garage rentals are an option, but the monthly fee adds up, especially when combined with a transportation outlay. It’s not easy to bring cars to tracks and it can potentially entail scheduling a tractor-trailer, driver and crew, which may incur thousands.  Overall, these methods are time-consuming and costly.  Serial automotive lovers would rather spend more time and money enjoying their vehicles than managing storage or logistics.

The ideal solution is to locate a well-situated racetrack within driving distance that offers garage condominiums for purchase, and where the option to run vehicles is available.  However, it’s vital that the garage provides 24-hour security and optimum climate control to keep collections safe and pristine. It should also allow enough ceiling height for lifts, stacked cabinets, etc.  Better still would be the ability to create a totally customized garage that reflects both the owner and his collection—The ultimate Car Guy Man Cave.


Car investors from all over the East Coast travel to New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) to take advantage of their Exotic Car Garages (ECG)— trackside palaces with all the amenities a pristine car collection deserves. Exotic Car Garage owners can fully customize their garages—some have added loft lounges, bars, sleeping quarters, viewing decks and more. NJMP is selling Phase II and Phase III of its Exotic Car Garages with square footage ranging from 1000 to 8000 at $140-$145 per square foot pre-construction. Additionally, NJMP is packaging an exclusive one-year Driver’s Club membership with new purchases, which gives owners access to dedicated track days on two different road courses, a clubhouse, pool, pub, fine restaurant, paintball field, karting complex, tennis and volleyball courts, on-track driving instruction, season passes to races, VIP event invites and other privileges. If parts or tuning are needed, NJMP also has its new Speedplex High Performance Automotive and Motorcycle Service Facility right on site.

If buying property at a New Jersey racetrack seems too far-fetched, it isn’t. Current NJMP ECG owners come from all walks of life with a vast array of automotive interests and driving abilities. When the benefits of housing vehicles in a private, custom-designed garage at a key motorsports facility are weighed against the cost and inconvenience of all the alternatives, purchasing is easily viewed as a necessity rather than a luxury.  Moreover, if a car club or simply a group of car enthusiasts invests together and shares the garage, it becomes even more attainable, as well as more fun. Serious collectors can spend upwards of $250,000 on one vehicle. Doesn’t it make sense to house that valuable vehicle in a garage worthy of it and, ironically, a garage that costs less than the vehicle itself?

Car Collectors and Car Guys who are truly dedicated to their vehicles should have a “car home away from home” worthy of their collection and one that fulfills their motoring desires.  In the end, it’s an economical and justifiable investment for unlimited return, plus the entertainment value and bragging rights are priceless.

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