The Strut Collection—A Black-Tie Affair for Your Range Rover

Land Rover’s new SUV flagship, the 2013 Range Rover, is sure to become the poster vehicle for drivers who seek unbridled luxury along with maximum utility. Or maybe just luxury. Indeed, for the majority of Land Rover’s big brutes, their overengineered off-road capability and sophisticated SUV innards will never be put to the test. Instead, the vehicles will be pressed into “night on the town” or “weekend getaway” duty rather than climbing the boulders of Moab or trolling the Gobi Desert in search of protoceratops eggs.

For those who wish to tastefully embellish their Range Rovers with a little dazzle, Strut has unveiled a jewelry collection of customized grilles, wheels, and other accoutrements ($5,000–$25,000). The Strut Grille Collection for the Range Rover features surrounds and mesh for front-grille intakes and various air intakes, with a square-weave pattern recalling the glory days of British motorsports. Each grille is handcrafted and signed by the artisan who created it. Available finishes are triple chrome, rose gold, black nickel, carbon fiber, color-matched paint, black lacquer, figured macassar, and shadow walnut wood.

Strut Icon 5 RR forged monoblock wheels make a big statement, with rims from 20 to 23 inches, a unique directional design, and a choice of spoke insets available in finishes to match Strut Insets. Strut Insets, in turn, highlight Strut grilles and wheels in the same finishes.

Each piece in the Strut Collection reflects a jewellike quality in its design and manufacture. The Strut Collection can be ordered through and installed by authorized Land Rover Dealers and select fine car customizers. (www.strutwear.com)


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