Robb Design Portfolio: Tempting Proposition

1965 Ferrari 250 LM Pininfarina Stradale Speciale

Powered by a 3.3-liter V-12 mounted longitudinally aft of the driver, the 250 LM was Ferrari’s first mid-engine GT. The company envisioned a competition successor to the aging 250 GTO, but the LM never received homologation, and ultimately Ferrari produced only 32 examples.


If rarity is a seductive attribute, then the 250 LM shown here is tempting in the extreme. The Stradale Speciale, serial number 6025, is the only LM designed specifically for use on the road and not the track. Commissioned from Pininfarina by Ferrari and presented at the 1965 Geneva Motor Show, the Stradale displays fluid bodywork featuring novel roof panels that hinge upward to allow access to the low-slung cockpit.



Though the 250 LM never went into series production, its design certainly informed the composition of the Dino 206 GT and the Dino 246 GT.

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