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The double-M badge on the Maybach 62, which stands for Maybach Manufaktur, could also be an abbreviation for Much Multitasking. You can drive the luxury sedan while smoking one of the premium cigars that you keep in its humidor. If your chauffeur is driving, you can watch TV while drinking a beverage that has been chilling in the car’s refrigerator. You can plug in your computer and access your company’s annual report while calling your accountant. Or you can recline the backseat and fall asleep while receiving an electronic massage, just as one DaimlerChrysler executive did during a test-drive through Germany’s Black Forest.

The Maybach, returning to production after a 62-year absence, offers an abundance of unique functions for you to enjoy, ranging from doors that are controlled by push buttons rather than levers to the solar-powered roof that keeps the cabin cool while the car is parked. For all of its exceptional features, the Maybach does present a particularly trying dilemma: to drive or to ride?

Behind the wheel, you will experience the thrust of the Maybach’s 5.5-liter, 550-hp, turbocharged V-12 engine, which provides a zero-to-62-mph time of 5.4 seconds. Grip the wood-and-leather steering wheel (the leather sections can be electronically heated on colder days) and you can easily access every device you need—including the telephone, the CD player, and the navigation system—from the wheel’s instrument panel. While parking the 20-foot Maybach 62 might seem as though it would be a challenge, the car is equipped with Parktronic, which informs you via a video display when you are approaching a curb or another vehicle.

You may choose, however, to bypass the hands-on operation and hire a driver so that you can enjoy the ride from the backseat. Lean back in your seat, which can recline to a 47-degree angle, prop your feet up on the lower leg support, and turn on the massage function. Watch TV, make phone calls, or sip Champagne from your sterling silver goblet, which you can click into a retaining clip when you are not imbibing. For privacy, push a button to close the curtains and draw the roof shade.


If you cannot decide between being a Maybach driver or a passenger, you can call your Personal Liaison Manager for advice, or for just about anything else that you desire. Each Maybach is “staffed” with an on-call concierge, whom you can reach 24 hours a day by pushing the PLM key on the car phone.


Price: $350,000. Contact: 866.FOR.MAYBACH, www.maybach-manufaktur.com

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