Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé

Rolls-Royce’s Drophead Coupé is built from the chassis of the Phantom sedan, and although it’s about 10 inches shorter, it still stretches nearly 19 feet from stem to stern. A machine this grandiose should have a unique interior, and the Rolls does not disappoint—unlike its predecessors from not too long ago, the craftsmanship is as impressive as the materials. Also striking is the way the V-12 engine (from parent company BMW) moves this big boat. In fact, the Phantom Drophead Coupé is much like a fine motor yacht. To drive home the similarity, order the teakwood tonneau and the stainless steel prow—er, hood. Then watch heads swivel as you glide down the boulevard. Pros: Sheer go-to-hell fabulousness.

Penske Luxury

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