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Samsung’s Epic New Digital Cockpit Can Transform Into a Mobile Office, Gaming Rig and More

It's crowned by a giant 49-Inch QLED display.

Samsung Digital Cockpit 2021 Samsung

Although the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) doesn’t officially kick off till next Monday, there’s a literally unmissable trend surfacing: gigantic screens. For proof, just look at Samsung’s epic new digital cockpit which is crowned by a panoramic 49-inch QLED display.

The South Korean tech company, which always has the largest booth on the show floor, has just released a video showcasing the design and it’s a gearhead’s dream. In fact, it’s designed to transform into a mobile office, gaming rig, editing station and more, so you never have to leave your four-wheeler.

Samsung’s digital cockpit was first introduced at CES 2018 and has been evolving ever since. It combines the latest advancements in telecommunications, semiconductors and display technologies, along with Harman’s automotive expertise. The company says it will open the door for users to enjoy a wide range of experiences from the comfort of their car and is geared toward simplifying communication and delivering on-the-go fun. Translation: it’s a high-tech entertainment hub on wheels.

Samsung Digital Cockpit 2021

When driving, the front display pops down so only the top half of the screen is exposed.  Samsung

The massive screen is paired with a premium Harman surround sound system to make both consuming all manner of entertainment and communicating with the world more immersive. The setup is also compatible with 5G technology, which Samsung claims will reduce interruptions and enhance the overall experience.

Of course, the real piece of ingenuity is the cockpit’s Transformer-like movement. When the vehicle is on the road, the front panoramic display pops down so only the top half of the screen is exposed. The smaller screen stops the driver’s view from being obstructed yet still provides all the necessary car info. 


Samsung Digital Cockpit 2021

When the vehicle is parked, the display pops up.  Samsung

Conversely, when the vehicle is parked, the display pops up to a more prominent position to allow the driver to take full advantage of all those pixels. The cockpit supports video conferencing and is fitted with all the tools and software you might expect from a home office. The driver can also enjoy real-time gaming, online concerts, live broadcasts or even watch a movie.

If one screen wasn’t enough, there is also a driver-exclusive 8.8-inch touchscreen LCD display on the center of the steering wheel that can be used to control the main display, honk the horn or activate turn signals. Plus, a 13.2-inch display located in the center near the front seat and backseat display that can be adjusted to either a horizontal or a vertical position.

Samsung Digital Cockpit 2021

The digital cockpit also tracks your biometrics.  Samsung

The cockpit can even keep an eye on your health. It regularly monitors the driver’s stress levels and will adjust the vehicle’s lighting, scent, or music in an effort to help them relax. Furthermore, by analyzing your sleeping patterns and the movement of your eyelids, the cockpit will help you stay awake and alert while on the road.

“We’re living in an era of incredible content,” Samsung said in a press release. “The digital cockpit 2021 offers you the freedom to enjoy that content anytime, anywhere. It does this by transforming your vehicle into a mobile entertainment hub that’s just as comfortable as your living room.”

Indeed, there is just one problem with this cockpit, will you ever want to leave?

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