Spring Mountain Motor Resort Unveils New Features

Las Vegas is known for its gambling, nightlife, and prestigious hotels, but on the outskirts of the city is a place where thrill seekers and speed demons can get their fix. Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club, located about 45 minutes west of Las Vegas, offers amenities every car lover and racer will appreciate.


This summer, Spring Mountain is finishing a series of improvements to the track and is embarking on extending its track another 2.2 miles, which will be completed toward the end of the year. It has recently purchased 120 acres that will be incorporated into a straightaway and can double as a landing strip for private aircraft. Also new is the addition of a Jetlev (a water-propelled jet pack) that can skim the water at about 35 mph, for use on the grounds’ lake.


The facility makes it easy for both newcomers and experienced drivers to enjoy track time along with a host of other amenities. Driving school options include the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School, which uses new-model Corvettes and is the official driving school of Chevrolet; customers who purchase a new Corvette ZR1 attend the program courtesy of General Motors. Spring Mountain also offers private instruction ranging in price from $1,000 to $2,000 a day. In addition, the Radical program offers driving in real racecars, with three types that include a 500 hp version. Private instruction in a Corvette or Radical ranges from $2,500 to $2,800 a day, with discounts for those who enroll in a school before September 15. Another new perk for members is a dual membership with Monticello in New York for an extra fee.



The resort’s charter membership for individuals and families consists of a $35,000 initiation fee and $5,000 annual dues, while the corporate membership has a $100,000 initiation fee and $12,000 in yearly dues.


Both memberships offer at least 16 track days per month, priority for garage rentals, and the ability to transfer member ownership for a 10 percent fee. Corporate memberships allow 50 guests per month (10 guests can drive their own cars on the track after a “check ride” with Spring Mountain staff, with those guests limited to three drives a year). Charter membership includes 20 guests per month (three guests can drive their own cars, subject to similar restrictions). The members’ clubhouse features a pool, fitness center, masseuse, racquetball court, shooting range, basketball court, putting green, and rock-climbing wall.


Spring Mountain has condominiums for nightly stays, long-term stays, or time-share purchases. Rooms range from $95 to $125. Three- to five-year lease agreements are available, from $15,000 to $30,000 for long-term use, with a garage included; garages range from single-car to doublewide to double-stacker. (800.391.6891, www.springmountainmotorsports.com)

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