Take a Wild Mountain Ride in This Video of a 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO

Video partner Petrolicious puts you in the passenger seat of collector David Lee’s gorgeous GTO…

A Prancing Horse born to run, the Ferrari 288 Gran Turismo Omologato (GTO) was the fastest production car created when first released. The Pininfarina-designed Italian stallion leaves the stable with a 400 hp, 2.8-liter V-8 engine (with dual turbochargers) that allows it to cover zero to 60 mph in about 5 seconds before sprinting to a top speed approaching 190 mph. Now a highly collectible coupe, one sold through Bonhams auction house last year for $2.36 million.



In collaboration with RobbReport.com’s partner Petrolicious, here is a glimpse at one of the only 272 examples produced—a red rocket from 1985. Watch as Ferrari collector David Lee demonstrates his Ferrari 288 GTO’s unbridled brilliance on mountain roads, the car’s heart-racing rumble as soundtrack. But first, you better buckle up.

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