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This Sleek, Solar-Powered Pop-Up Camper Adds a Shower, Kitchen and Office to Your Tesla Cybertruck

The Cyberlandr's multi-use living area can be used for all of life's necessities.

Stream It thinks it can make the Tesla Cybertruck even more cutting-edge by turning it into a transforming camper

The Las Vegas-based tech outfit has just unveiled the Cyberlandr, an after-market camper shell for Tesla’s eagerly anticipated all-electric pickup. Even though it’s small enough to fit in the EV’s truck bed when fully broken down, the collapsible structure will allow you to take your whole home with you on the road.

The Cyberlandr

The Cyberlandr  Cyberlandr

The company debuted the high-tech camper add-on in a video posted to YouTube on Tuesday. The 70-second clip shows off an appropriately minimalist pop-up camper shell that is small enough to stow away completely but still has enough room for a bathroom and a multi-use living area when fully opened up.

So how did Stream It manage to pack so much into such a compact structure? By being creative, of course. The living area can be used for any of three things: meal prep, work and sleep, according to a press release. The area features a counter area with a large sink, two integrated induction burners to cook on and a refrigerator. When you’re not cooking, two free-standing chairs can be used as your work area, thanks to two pivoting desks. When you’re done for the day, or just need a good nap, the chairs can be unfolded and raised and turned into a sleeping area. The bathroom, meanwhile, looks like a simple stall but is also equipped with a showerhead.

It looks a bit spartan but that’s to be expected when you’re talking about a camper shell so small that you can’t tell it’s even equipped when the Cybertruck’s tonneau cover is down and its tailgate is closed. The Cyberlandr isn’t completely devoid of frills, though. The entire camper has heated floors and there’s also a voice-activated faucet, four-stage water filtration system and a 32-inch flat-screen TV that can be used for work or play. If you’re wondering where the juice to fuel all these features comes from, look no further than the structure’s slide-out solar roof panels.


The Cyberlandr's kitchen

The Cyberlandr’s kitchen  Cyberlandr

Though the Cybertruck is still a year or two away from the market, you can reserve your Cyberlandr now through the company’s website. The camper shell will cost $49,995, but there are several discounts available for early adopters.

It’s a testament to the Cybertruck’s popularity online that this isn’t the first camper add-on we’ve seen for the pickup. Last year, the “Cyber Camper” concept started making the rounds on enthusiast websites and forums. Tesla has also said they’re working on a camper and trailer add-ons of their very own, too.

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