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Tesla’s Hotly Anticipated Electric ‘Cybertruck’ Will Debut on November 21

The "coolest car" Elon Musk has ever seen is finally here. We think.

The concept image of the Tesla pickup truck which was shown on screen during the unveiling of the Tesla Semi in 2017 Tesla

Elon Musk didn’t mince words on Wednesday when he announced the launch date of the much anticipated Tesla pickup truck. The tech titan shared a decidedly direct tweet, stating: “Cybertruck unveil on Nov 21 in LA near SpaceX rocket factory.”

Musk has previously waxed lyrical about the new all-electric vehicle, calling it “heart-stopping” and deeming it “the coolest car I’ve ever seen.” He also made a series of Blade Runner references, which continued today. In a follow-up tweet, Musk said the date was “strangely familiar” and embedded the opening sequence of the 1982 sci-fi cult classic, which was serendipitously set in November 2019.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the unveiling date also happens to coincide with the LA Auto Show. Historically, Tesla has not participated in the event—or auto shows in general—and instead holds its own unveiling events. The Cybertruck’s debut will take place at Tesla’s design studio, which is a stone’s throw from the Space Exploration Technologies Corp. headquarters where Musk and his team build rockets (and perhaps replicants).

If you’re wondering what “a really futuristic-like cyberpunk, Blade Runner pickup truck” actually looks like, concrete design details have been scant and teaser pics rather cryptic. What we do know is that the pickup is “gonna have a lot of titanium,” according to Musk. In one early concept rendering—which was shown in a video during the Semi event and is pictured above—the pickup is depicted with another full-sized truck in its bed, so it could be a behemoth.

Under the hood, the billionaire has said the truck will have a dual-motor setup which promises a hefty towing capacity of 300,000 pounds. According to The Verge, the truck will seat six, offer between 400 to 500 miles of range and start at around $50,000.


Musk had originally planned to unveil the Cybertruck truck earlier this year, but he announced in September that he was pushing the debut back to November. The delay coupled with the fuzzy details  makes us wonder if Musk will really unveil the fully realized pickup truck in just 15 days or whether the concept will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

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