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Best of the Best 2016: Wheels | Sedans: Tesla Model S P90D

The Model S P90D is the fastest-accelerating sedan on the market with the Spaceballs-inspired Ludicrous mode...

The Model S P90D is the fastest-accelerating production sedan on the market when equipped with the Spaceballs-inspired Ludicrous mode. The $10,000 option sucks the most from the car’s two asynchronous AC motors and 90 kWh battery pack, delivering a zero-to-60-mph time of just 2.8 seconds. Without making a sound, the car throws your head back and triggers a tickle in your stomach. In addition to speed, the Model S P90D offers handsome looks and a spacious interior, making it the most refined choice for all-electric driving. 

  • In Ludicrous mode, the Model S P90D produces 713 ft lbs of torque instantly. 

  • The car’s top speed is an electronically governed 155 mph. 

  • In April, the Model S P90D drag-raced a Boeing 737 on a 1.9-mile runway in Australia. The car jumped out to an early lead, but the airliner pulled into a tie before taking off.

  • You can remotely update the car’s semiautonomous-driving systems.

Tesla, teslamotors.com (starting at $108,000)

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