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A Van With a View? This New Camper Concept Has Better Windows Than Your Condo

Now you can take in your surroundings without every leaving your van.

The Texino Atrium camper van concept Texino

It’s no secret that camper vans are now essentially traveling homes for the nomads among us. So, it was only a matter of time before someone gave a camper the ultimate home amenity: panoramic windows.

Los Angeles-based van maker Texino’s Gabriel Wartofsky doesn’t see any reason why your view should be limited while you drive cross country. Why not take it all in? That’s why he came up with the Atrium, a van concept with windows that will make your city condo jealous.

And we’re not just talking about one window, either. At the back of the van is a huge geometrically designed bay window that extends across the width of the whole cabin. There are also three porthole windows on each side of the van, as well and two prominent skylights integrated into the roof. The design ensures that wherever you are in the van, you have views of the outdoors.

Inside the Texino Atrium camper van concept

Inside the Texino Atrium camper van concept  Texino

Beyond the bold window design, the stylish van, which can only be seen in renders right now, looks to have fully stocked living area. The computer-generated images show a kitchenette with ample counter space, as well as two separate sleeping areas. There’s also a compartment that could house a bathroom. One thing missing from the rear cabin? A door. You’ll be able to enter from the front of the van, but we could see that being a little annoying when you’re parked at a camping site.

Unfortunately, there’s not much technical information available yet. The van will be built upon a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cab chassis. Normally, this setup is powered by 3.0-liter turbo V-6 diesel engine that delivers 188 hp and 325 ft lbs of torque, but Texino hopes to outfit its concept with a fully electric drive unit, according to Uncrate. Four-wheel drive is an option on the standard cab chassis, but let’s hope that’s true of a battery-powered version as well.

Wartofsky’s van is just a concept at this point, but there at least one example will be built. Texino is currently working to turn the renderings into a reality right now, according to Motor1.com. The company’s website will even let you sign up for updates.

Check out more renderings of the Atrium below:

The Texino Atrium camper van concept's canopy


The Texino Atrium camper van sleeping area


The rear of the Texino Atrium camper van concept


A 3/4 rear shot of the Texino Atrium camper van concept


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