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The New Batmobile Looks Like a Souped-Up ’70s Muscle Car and We Can’t Wait to See More

The latest incarnation of the famed vehicle is a throwback that feels perfect for the new adaptation.

Matt Reeves Batmobile Courtesy of Matt Reeves/Warner Bros

Batman may lack superpowers, but he more than makes up for it with ingenious, crime-fighting toys. And no Bat tech excites Caped Crusader fans more than the Batmobile. On Wednesday, Matt Reeves, director of the forthcoming franchise reboot, The Batman, stoked a new round of bat fever by revealing his take on the legendary vehicle.

In images posted to his personal Twitter account, the director offered three shots of the Dark Knight’s new ride. And it appears he is taking a sharp creative turn from the military-inspired Tumbler in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and Zack Snyder’s beefed-up Formula 1 racer in Batman v. Superman. Instead, Reeves has conjured something akin to a souped-up ’70s muscle car.

From the shadowy photos, the car certainly looks highly stylized, but it doesn’t seem to have the otherwordly, you-literally-need-to-be-a-billionaire-to-create-this car feel. The silhouette shows a rugged, throwback aesthetic, so much so that it could be a nod to the car Adam West’s version of the character drove in the hit ’60s TV show and spinoff films (that model also sported a similar color palette).

Reeves’s post shows the car and its cowled driver (presumably newest Batman Robert Pattinson) from three different angles. The exterior is painted a matte black (all the better to blend into the murky Gotham night), while the taillights––which double as a framing device for what looks like a twin-turbo V8 engine—glow a menacing red. In the cover of night, this take on the Batmobile is notably stripped of any overt bat branding, relying solely on its streamlined silhouette to suggest the creature that inspired it.

Teasing elements like this on Twitter is fast becoming standard practice for highly anticipated movies. Snyder also used Twitter to reveal his take on Batman. So far, public and fan response to the newest Batmobile has been largely been positive—something Reeves and The Batman‘s producers surely hope will carry through to the film’s premiere.


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