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The Best of the Best 2003: Sedans – Volkswagen’s Phaeton

In a world populated by car thieves, carjackers, kidnappers, and radar-armed highway patrolmen, driving a discreet sedan makes more than a little sense. The Volkswagen Phaeton’s car-of-the-people badge and modest, Passat-on-steroids curves guarantee that the car will not appeal to drivers who prefer to advertise their status.

Instead, the Phaeton offers keen pricing, high performance, and immaculate build. Approximately $70,000 buys you every imaginable luxury car toy, a mirror-smooth ride, some of the world’s most comfortable leather seats, and NBA-class legroom. For no extra charge, Volkswagen throws in its brilliant W-12 engine. The powerplant is good for 420 hp and masses of torque that make the Phaeton an extremely easy car to drive.


The Phaeton cossets passengers in luxury while providing drivers with power and control. Badge snobs need not apply, but the Phaeton is at least as good as the competition. Maybe even better.

Volkswagen, www.vw.com

Penske Luxury

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