The Ultimate Hideaway for Your Most Prized Automobiles

Auto Concierge is a new members-only vehicle-storage center and private club that caters to the needs of devoted car collectors. Its first location—a 15,000-square-foot facility in the heart of West Los Angeles—is convenient for locals yet near enough to Santa Monica Airport and Los Angeles International Airport that nonresidents can reach their cars within roughly 30 minutes after landing at either.

At its grand-opening event, CEO Scott Elrod gave members of the press and potential clients a first look. The club—so new that the scent of fresh paint still lingered—featured several exotic cars on the showroom floor as examples of members’ likely collections. (A Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder, a 1947 Ford woodie, and a 1967 Alfa Romeo are among the vehicles currently on-site.)

Membership includes routine mechanical checks and access to Rstrada—a performance and tuning shop for exotic automobiles that is located next door—along with 24-hour access to the private clubhouse, equipped with plush leather seats, private changing rooms, and a serving bar, which is available for business meetings and social gatherings.

Members, of course, also have access to the cars at all times and can even request that their vehicles be delivered to a specific location by the Auto Concierge staff. For those concerned with the security of their possessions, Auto Concierge claims that the most advanced security software is running 24/7; members can remotely view a live video feed of their storage areas. All of these amenities make the $850 car fee ($400 for each additional vehicle, depending on the level of service) seem negligible for people who appreciate the very best in automobiles. (www.autoconcierge.co)

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