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This New Cybertruck Camper Concept Looks Even Better Than Elon Musk’s

The "Cyber Camper" looks to be crafted from the same stainless steel alloy as the truck.

The Cyber Camper Double Joeguy07/Cybertruck Owners Club

Shortly after Elon Musk unveiled the Cybertruck, he released two outdoorsy add-ons specifically for camping. But that hasn’t stopped one plucky concept artist from creating a camping config that may even outshine Tesla’s designs.

The Canadian artist posted the renders to a Cybertruck fan website, known as Cybertruck Owners Club, where a bunch of other curve averse creations reside. The “Cyber Camper” sees the Cybertruck’s singular “monoplane” design extend to a canopy that is attached to the rear of the vehicle.

There is a “solo” and a “duo” option, both of which can be secured to the Cybertruck’s vault to provide sleeping quarters.

The Cyber Camper Solo

The Cyber Camper Solo  Joeguy07/Cybertruck Owners Club

The concept is certainly reminiscent of Tesla’s self-contained camper config, which was released last December, but appears to be more structurally integrated. Whereas Tesla’s version is basically a pop-up tent that sits atop the 6.5-foot-long bed, this concept looks to be crafted from the same stainless steel alloy as the truck.

Tesla Cybertruck camper

Tesla’s Self-Contained Camper Config  Courtesy of Tesla

“These renders need work but I want something in the vault so there is no need to tow and it can travel almost anywhere,” the designer said. “A camper style like this by Tesla or third-party companies would be amazing.”

Indeed, the utilitarian design, which looks a little futuristic hearse, would be far more conducive to off-roading than a standalone trailer. Though Musk has envisioned one of those, too. His take on Airstream has only been shown off as an exterior rendering, so the layout and interior features remain a mystery—for now, at least.

Tesla Cybertruck trailer

Tesla’s Cybertruck Trailer  Tesla


Whatever camping config truckers like best, there’s bound to be a bit of a wait. The Cybertruck itself is not due to roll out until late 2021, but it’s estimated that more than half a million of the allegedly bulletproof electric pickups have already been pre-ordered. Hey, at least that gives a few more artists time to churn out concepts that keep Elon on his toes.

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