The Top Car and Motorcycle Concepts We Covered in 2017

From a thrilling three-seater to a Lambo for the third millennium, these concepts are nothing short of captivating.

McLaren BP23 concept Photo: Courtesy McLaren

Bound only by the confines determined by physics, transportation designers continually explore the limits of their own imaginations as they strive to, in some cases, literally reinvent the wheel—or at least all that rolls along with it. From a supercar that can cure itself to one with a steering wheel that doubles as a personal assistant, here are a few of the captivating car and motorcycle concepts we covered in 2017.

True to Type


For his Bugatti Type 57 T concept, automotive artist Arthur B. Nustas took a page from the past to create what he believes could be a new chapter in the French marque’s story.

Dynamic Duo: Lamborghini and MIT Team Up on Terzo Millennio Hypercar Concept

The collaboration could yield an all-electric road rocket, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface.

A rendering of the Lamborghini Terzo Millenio Concept.

The Terzo Millenio’s entire carbon-fiber body will serve as a reservoir for reserve energy.  Rendering: Courtesy Automobili Lamborghini.

Aprilia XSV4

Ethereal and abstract, the Aprilia XSV4 concept takes the naked-motorcycle category to an otherworldly level.

Jaguar Future-Type

While ride sharing is all the rage these days, tomorrow’s take on communal transportation appears even more promising through the prism of the Jaguar Future-Type.

Infiniti’s Prototype 9 is a Retro Dream Racer Come to Life

This authentic old-school racer holds a bleeding-edge all-electric power train under the handmade steel body panels.

Three-Seat Thrill Ride

The McLaren concept code-named BP23 is a three-passenger, dihedral-doored carbon-fiber design that will become the marque’s most powerful and aerodynamic street-legal model when it goes into production.

A Hard-Charging Chariot

The all-electric Alpha Machina 1 concept is a lean and linear locomotive from the designer known only as Benoit, the founder of France’s Barbara Custom Motorcycles.

Alpha Machina 1

The Alpha Machina 1  Photo: Courtesy Barbara Custom Motorcycles

Is This Concept the Consummate Convertible?

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet is close to 20 feet long and loaded with lavish touches.

Porsche 618 Motorcycle 

If Porsche built a motorcycle, what would it look like? The 618 is Miguel Angel Bahri’s answer.

Mercedes-AMG Project One

The 1000-hp hypercar concept from Mercedes-AMG made its North American debut at the Los Angeles auto show, featuring technology taken straight from today’s Formula 1 cars.

Penske Luxury

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