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We Really Hope the Toyota GR Supra Super Top Is More Than Just a Concept

The concept was going to make its public debut at SEMA before it was canceled earlier this fall.

2021 GR Supra Super Top concept Toyota

It’s nice to see automakers focused on the future, but sometimes a glance back at the past can be fun, too. Take, for example, the ’90s-inspired 2021 Toyota GR Supra Sport Top that was supposed to make its public debut at SEMA earlier this year.

Unfortunately, the gorgeous semi-open-top concept never got to take its public bow after the annual event was canceled earlier this fall due to Covid-19 pandemic. But, thankfully, Toyota released a series of photos of the nostalgic speedster earlier this week.

Inspired by the beloved Supra MKIV, which was produced between 1993 and 1999, the Sport Top is basically last year’s GR Supra Heritage Edition SEMA concept, only without a solid roof. A tribute to the removable-top Supras of yesteryear, the car’s “roof” is made up of two 3-D-printed composite panels that can be removed and placed in the trunk, thus turning the vehicle into a semi-convertible, according to the automaker. And unlike some cars with removable roof panels, there is no center bar connecting the windshield to the rear window, just “just open air as far as the eye can see.”

But that’s not the only difference between the Super Top and the standard 2021 GR Supra. Like the Heritage Edition, this model also features the MKIV’s trademark “basket handle” rear wing and round tail lights, along with a brand-new diffuser. The rest of the car looks much the same as the present-day Supra. The curvy exterior is finished in Alpine White with a Piano Black canopy top, skirt and racing-style rims. It also features red side-view mirrors and brake calipers to match its leather interior.

2021 GR Supra Super Top concept

2021 GR Supra Super Top concept  Toyota


The concept is said to be powered by the same BMW-sourced inline six as the standard 2021 GR Supra, according to Car and Driver. This mill is capable of making 382 hp and 368 ft lbs of torque, which is good for increase of 47 horses and 3 ft lbs of twist over the 2020 model.

Unfortunately, the GR Supra Super Top is just a concept for now. Still, considering the rapturous reception the photos have received, along with the fact that the sports car is aimed at enthusiasts, maybe there’s hope for a semi-open-top variant of the GR Supra yet.

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