The Ultimate Driving Gift From Monticello Motor Club

Experience Monticello Motor Club with the most extreme driving program in the US. Located just 90 minutes from New York City, Monticello Motor Club is a private country club racetrack that hosts a few unique driving programs each year.  

The 2-day Praga Academy gives participants an exclusive oppotunity to drive at racecar speeds in the Slovakian supercar called the Praga R1.  The Praga R1 racecar is built from lightweight carbon fiber, designed with enough downforce to drive upside down, and enough grip to pull over 3G’s in the corners. Working along side Monticello Motor Club’s staff of professional coaches, you can learn to drive this car at incredible speeds.

The all inclusive 2-day Praga Academy is extremely limited and offers a private experience at a track normally reserved only for club members.  


Visit http://www.monticellomotorclub.com/experiences/ for more information or call (855) 662-2582.

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