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This YouTuber Made a Model 1967 Ford Mustang From Nothing But Wood

A model car for the artisan set.

Classic muscle cars are synonymous with sharp lines and the cold steel used to forge them. But one expert woodworker has swapped in a botanical substitute for that modern industrial material to build a scale model like we’ve never seen.

Unveiled in a video by Woodworking Art, this Mustang may be the first carved entirely from wood. Based on the cult 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, it took the expert craftsman three weeks to complete; he made every component (tinted windows included) from sections of timber––a tall task considering most elements had to be pieced individually. Besides its complex construction, the most impressive features may be its moving parts, such as the steering wheel and rotary tires, which go far to add both realism and functionality.

The larger, primary cuts were negotiated with a band saw, but many of the finer details were executed using hand tools. Once each section was prepared, the video’s creator then sanded them down to achieve a smooth finish that would also allow them to fit together more easily.

Then, the side panels running the length of the vehicle were scored along the interior. Pegs were inserted to connect both sides to center panels that formed the roof and floor of the car. This allowed for the mobile hood and trunk to be measured and placed accordingly. The somewhat rough body was then cut into again to splice out the sections which would become doors. From there, a series of fine chisels and sanders went to work to develop the exterior’s striking detail, like the contouring above the wheel wells, the ridges along the front end and the textured grill. The interior wasn’t ignored either as the channel-tufted seats and petite steering wheel are just as exhaustively rendered.

The entire process is time-lapsed and condensed into an 8:15 chunk that has more than enough re-watchability factor to keep you entertained far beyond that timestamp. Watch the video above and head over to the channel’s upload page to see more mesmerizing feats in wood.


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