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Bugatti Design Director Explains the $3 Million Bugatti Chiron [Video]

Bugatti’s lead designer Achim Anscheidt explains how the new supercar’s form follows its function.


Recently in Malibu, Calif., Bugatti Director of Design Achim Anscheidt walked Robb Report automotive consultant Robert Ross through some of the design highlights of the new $3 million Bugatti Chiron. Shortly thereafter, Ross took the car for a lengthy drive along the coast and through Malibu’s winding canyon roads. During the discussion, Achim focused on the car’s design elements that, while they offer distinct styling, ultimately serve the car’s staggering performance.

Here are Achim’s comments from the video:

“For a design on the Chiron, obviously for every good car design, it is important to have excellent and good proportions. Secondly, the brand DNA symbols have to speak for the car and have to be an important part for the overall statement. And thirdly, coming to the styling for Bugatti design, it is important that the styling is as authentic as possible. What that means for the Chiron is something that we call ‘form following performance.’

“Front view of the car around the headlamps, for example. The complete architecture is defined by the active air intake that we have here. And obviously with a 2-ton car, it is very important that the front breaks are receiving the best cooling, and therefore this is an active air intake; it’s not just here for show. It creates the architecture of the headlamp’s signature. And therefore, it’s a vital air intake for the performance aspect of the overall car.

“When you go around the side of the car, you see the Bugatti signature line here and very often it’s mistaken for a styling element, but it’s actually not. It’s very active air intake from all the way top of the B-pillar down to the door opening.


“And that creates a very effective air intake and that makes this complete line one big air intake to lead down to the engine compartment and ultimately lead to a much better cooling effect of the car. So, you can see the styling element being directly related to the performance need of the car.”

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