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Watch a Repair Shop Take a Rare Porsche 911 From Wrecked to Restored in 20 Minutes

The one-of-991 speedster has just 600 miles on it.

Few things are more likely to bring an auto enthusiast to tears than the sight of a totaled supercar. But as pitiful as a mangled Ferrari or Lamborghini may look, it’s important to remember they can be brought back to life with hard work, time and (a whole lot of) money. And a new video from a Southern California repair shop shows just how that’s done.

Last week, LNC Collision & Car Customization in Laguna Niguel posted time lapse footage (via CarScoops) showing just how it goes about resurrecting an rare sports car that had been left for dead. The car in question: a silver and orange racing-striped 991-generation 911 GTS R3 that the shop bought at a salvage auction for $167,000. If that sounds like a lot, just remember that the model, when brand new, can run $280,000 and up.

In the hypnotic, 20-minute clip you can every step it takes to repair the wrecked 911R, from tearing it down to its proverbial nuts and bolts to applying that last coat of paint. While the whole video is worth your time, of particular note is the craftsmanship that goes fixing its badly dented body. The hobbled vehicle needed a new front bumper, right headlight and right fender—just to name a few of its more banged-up parts—but it’s the shop’s expert metalwork that really puts the repair over the top. By the end, the car doesn’t just look fully restored; it looks brand new—which is fitting since the one-of-991 speedster has just 600 miles on it.

The fully-restored 2016 Porsche 911 GTS R3

The fully restored 2016 Porsche 911 GTS R3  LNC Collision & Car Customization/YouTube


While LNC’s video makes the process look easy, it’s also important to remember that repairing a supercar is anything but. It takes commitment from both the owner and repair shop. But when the results look this good, it’s easy to see why people are willing to go through all the trouble.

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