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Volvo Valet Lets You Get Your Car Fully Serviced Without Leaving Home

Volvo owners can schedule a pick-up time and get a loaner vehicle via a smartphone app.

2020 Volvo S60 Volvo

The coronavirus has disrupted life as we know it. Still, some of the most annoying aspects of our day-to-day existence have managed to stick around—like car problems. But how exactly do you get your vehicle fixed during a time when we’re all supposed to be limiting our exposure to others? Enter Volvo and its new no-contact servicing plan.

The Swedish automaker has launched Volvo Valet, a new app-based program that will allow the company’s customers to have their cars and SUVs maintained without leaving the safety and comfort of their home, according to a press release. While other car companies offer similar plans, Volvo’s promises transparency every step of the way.

Using the smartphone app, which works on both Apple and Android devices, customers schedule a pickup time of their choosing with their local Volvo dealer. At that point, an employee will come and pick up their vehicle and leave a loaner in its place. Then, once the owner’s car is back in tip-top shape, a drop-off time is set when the employee can deliver the car and retrieve the loaner.

To make sure the process move as smoothly as possible—and so that users know exactly what’s happening—each step of the process is documented with photos and detailed alerts. Volvo customers will be able to keep track of exactly where their car is, what’s being done to it and how close it is to being finished via the app.

A screenshot of the Volvo Valet app

A screenshot of the Volvo Valet app  Volvo


“Volvo Valet gives owners the flexibility to service and maintain their vehicles in a way that works best for them,” said Anders Gustafsson, president and CEO of Volvo Car USA. “Volvo Valet has been very successful in pilot testing over the last year, and it is now ready to serve our customers and retailers in this unprecedented time.”

The program is also operated completely in-house, meaning customers’ data won’t end up in the hands of a third party. Currently, Volvo Valet only is onlyfor service and maintenance, but the app may also be used to handle home delivery of new vehicle purchases and leases by the end of the year.

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