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The Sleek Romotow Rotating Travel Trailer Is Finally Going Into Production

The caravan was announced over a decade ago.


Good things really do come to those who wait—especially if you’re in the market for a unique luxury travel trailer.

W2’s rotating Romotow T8 caravan has finally become a reality more than a decade after it was first announced, according to New Atlas. Even better: The New Zealand-based architecture and design firm has opened up the order books for its futuristic RV.

W2 first showed off the Romotow in a series of simple computer renderings way back in 2012. It wasn’t until 2018 that the firm unveiled an actual physical prototype of the trailer. The RV garnered plenty of attention thanks to its rotating design, but it was this same feature that led to skepticism about whether or not the trailer would ever go into production. Five years later, though, a finished version, which will be built by ACM Motorhomes, is here, and it looks remarkably similar to the concept it’s based on.

The W2 Romotow T8 from the side
W2 Romotow T8 travel trailer W2

The 30.5-foot trailer caravan consists of two major elements—a fixed chassis and a smaller living space that fits just inside of it. When the trailer is parked, the cabin slides out and can be rotated 90 degrees like a swiveling USB stick. Is the feature, which is handled by the trailer’s automated hydraulic system, necessary? No. Is it cool? Undoubtedly. When the living area is rotated, the chassis can also be used as a covered deck with an integrated fold-out table or a bench.

The Romotow’s living area does more than just rotate, though. The cabin features a spacious and modern design, with a fully stocked kitchenette and dining area—including wraparound windows—and a bathroom with a stand-up shower and separate toilet. The large main bedroom is available with either two single beds or a double bed. You can also add a lift-up double bed to the living room, which bumps the sleeping capacity up to six. Other options include upgraded appliances, wall-mounted TVs, an outdoor projector system and a multi-zone sound system. The cabin’s many features, as well as its hydraulic rotation system, are powered by a 200-Ah lithium battery that gets help from 395-watt assortment of roof-mounted solar panels.

Inside the W2 Romotow T8
Inside the Romotow T8 W2

W2 is taking orders for Romotow T8 now through its website. Pricing for the stylish trailer starts at $268,500. You can reserve a rotating caravan of your very own now with a $6,300 deposit.

Click here for more photos of the W2 Romotow T8 travel trailer.


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