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Watch: This Master Craftsman Carved a Mini Lamborghini Sían Out of Wood

He handcrafted the Raging Bull for his son.

Allow us to introduce you to a dad that deserves to be spoiled rotten this Father’s Day. Skilled craftsman, Trương Văn Đạo, built his son a fully functional mini Lamborghini Sian out of wood to give him the feel of a $3.7 million hypercar at a fraction of the cost.

The painstaking project took a total of 65 days to complete and the build is fully documented in one intensely mesmerizing YouTube video. Trương begins by laying down the chassis and equipping the rear axle and pinion steering. Next, he adds a 24 volt, 350 W gear motor, which is a far cry from the original’s V-12—but probably all the grunt a toddler actually needs.

It’s the Raging Bull’s body where the woodworker’s skill really shines, though. Using a small chainsaw, Trương starts working on large blocks of wood and carves out the sleek lines of the Sian with pinpoint accuracy. Then, he adds more detail with a chisel and gives the car a good sanding down. To finish it off, Trương adds several coats of varnish to create a gleaming exterior that looks like it came straight from the factory.

The pint-size Sian also features the iconic scissor doors of its real-life counterpart, along with a yoke-style steering wheel, working headlights and taillights, and the all-important Lamborghini badge.

Today, we raise a glass to you, Trương.


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