Watch This Porsche 964 Hot Rod Tear Up SoCal’s Canyons

Known as the Growler, this customized 1990 Porsche offers an unforgettable and raw experience…


Imagine carving down a slip of canyon road while the morning sun crests the horizon; that is what Alexander Bermudez—owner of this 1990 Porsche 964 hot rod—calls a raw, unforgettable experience. Bermudez completed a series of extensive performance modifications to the older car, from grafting on a new sunroof-less panel and reducing the car’s weight to adding Recaro seats, a roll cage, an optimized motor, and a Carrera RS suspension. Dubbed “the Growler” by fellow Porsche Owners Club member Carolyn Pappas, the 1990 Porsche 964 certainly lives up to its namesake.

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