Yamaha Upgrades the Scooter

Scooters may get a bad rap as anemic grocery-getters, but Yamaha counters that image with its big-engined TMAX. This industrial-strength maxi scooter boasts a fuel-injected 499cc engine with enough oomph to appeal to the speedy set, and its aggressive looks make it almost blend in with the sport-bike scenery.

The TMAX’s double glove boxes, position-adjustable backrest, and under-seat storage ease the pain of errand running, and its spacious floorboard and upright windshield makes long-distance commuting a distinct possibility. It may not replace your favorite crotch rocket, but the TMAX’s automatic transmission and 47 mpg fuel economy sure take the sting out of fast-paced scooting. (www.yamaha-motor.com)

—Basem Wasef

Penske Luxury

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