A Famed Ferrari-Powered Raceboat Hits the Auction Block

During its Monaco sale taking place May 11 and 12—to coincide with the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique—RM Auctions will offer up one of the most famous racing boats ever built. Wanting to create the world’s fastest watercraft, Italian speedboat racer and designer Achille Castoldi completed the Arno XI hydroplaning raceboat in 1953 after convincing carmaker Enzo Ferrari to provide technical and design insight—not to mention a 4,500 cc V-12 powerhouse similar to the one that led Ferrari to its first Grand Prix world championship two years earlier. The Ferrari-built engine proved equally worthy on the water: on October 15, 1953, on Italy’s Lake Iseo, the Arno XI hit 150.19 mph, a record for a boat in the 800-kilogram weight class, which still stands today. Named for Arno Apel of New Jersey’s Ventnor Boat Works, who is credited with popularizing the hydroplaning raceboat design, the Arno XI has been beautifully refurbished and comes with completely documented racing and ownership histories. RM Auctions will present the boat, which is expected to garner bids approaching $2 million, alongside a number of near-equally magnificent cars and motorcycles. (www.rmauctions.com)

To see rare video footage of the Arno XI in action Click Here.

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