The Alen 55 Shuttle Can Be Tailored to Accommodate Any Whim

The 55-foot boat’s seating, materials, and layout are all fair game for customization…

Based in Turkey, Alen Yacht has gained a reputation for making innovative, highly customizable ships. The shipbuilder’s recent endeavor, the Alen 55 Shuttle, is a 55-foot, semi-customizable yacht perfect for lake trips or ocean outings. Styled to resemble a tour boat, the Alen 55 blends the elegance of a yacht with the functionality of a workboat. With 34 passenger seats and a crew cabin, the ship boasts plenty of space.

For those who prefer a customized look, Alen offers the executive interior option. Owners can reduce the number of seats, change the layout, or pick out different materials to use in the ship. Flooring, ceilings, lighting, and side panels can all be customized to match the buyer’s unique sense of style. The ship has a cruising speed of 25 knots, with a top speed of up to 31 knots. Pricing starts at around $825,000. (alenyacht.com)

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