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This Innovative 28-Foot Power Catamaran Can Dock Itself Like a Seasoned Captain

The autonomous cat is the first model from Alloy Boats.

Alloy Electric Catamaran Alloy Boats

Alloy Boats is ready to take the stress out of yachting.

The industry newcomer, which was cofounded by Brandon Cotter and Powell Kinney, has just unveiled a power catamaran that pairs electric propulsion with innovative autonomous software to simplify cruising on the high seas. The nifty new 28-footer can dock itself, navigate around other boats and beeline to any spot you point it to.

The cat’s autonomous system essentially acts as co-captain to give you another set of eyes. Alloy says experienced yachtsmen will feel like they have an extra set of “expert hands,” while amateurs will gain a little more confidence on the water. You can choose to take control with the joystick or touch a spot on the map in the accompanying app and the vessel takes you there. What’s more, there will be new functions consistently added to the boat via regular over-the-air software updates.

Alloy Electric Catamaran
The cat with the platforms expanded. Alloy Boats

In addition, the vessel’s three-pronged sensor suite combines radar, lidar and computer vision to give you greater situational awareness. The sensors will pick up everything from a swimmer next to the hull to a superyacht in the far-off distance, for instance. Stopping is a cinch, too, thanks to the built-in brakes.

Onboard, there are two chairs up front and bench seating for six at the back. When the vessel is still, seafarers can press a button and platforms expand both forward and aft to create a little extra space. A table also pops up at the center of the vessel if you fancy a little alfresco dining at sea.

Alloy Electric Catamaran
The cat with the sides up. Alloy Boats

As for grunt, the zero-emissions cruiser is equipped with twin 300 hp electric motors and dual waterjets that enable a top speed of about 35 knots. Alloy says the battery is “rated for all-day use” and affords a range of approximately 50 to 55 miles.

Alloy says it will begin taking preorders in 2023, and expects to ship the first production models in late 2024. The cat will set you back $350,000.

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