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Alva Yachts Launches an Ambitious Line of Eco-Friendly Catamarans and Sustainable Floating Villas

Live your best emissions-free floating life.

Ocean Eco 90 Alva Yachts

You may not know Alva Yachts by name, but that’s about to change. The innovative new German builder has entered the marine world with a mighty bang, debuting not one but three electric catamarans.

Designed specifically to encourage a “decarbonized” environment after Covid-19, the low-impact vessels utilize high-capacity battery banks, structural solar panels and state-of-the-art water management for true emissions-free sailing.

Alva Yachts was founded earlier this year by two industry veterans, Mathias May and Holger Henn, with the goal of designing world-class sustainable vessels. So far, the lineup includes the Ocean Eco 60, Ocean Eco 90 and the Ocean Sail 82 Alva, all of which were penned by a design team lead by Henn.

Ocean Eco 60

Ocean Eco 60  Alva Yachts

A cut above the ordinary catamaran, the Ocean Eco 60 and Ocean Eco 90 feature a coachroof which extends down to the raised bow to maximize the space available for solar panels. These solar panels, which are fully integrated into the structure of the coachroof, can generate 20kW or 40 kW depending on the cat and complement a 300kWh lithium battery. This setup gives the 60-footer the ability to silently sail 110 nautical miles at 7 knots or a potentially unlimited range at 4 to 5 knots.

If that’s not enough, the vessels can also accommodate a hybrid system with a zero-carbon hydrogen fuel cell as a range-extender, or even a kite to harness the power of the wind. Two units of the Ocean Eco 60 are already under construction with plans for a 90-footer in the works.

Ocean Eco 90

Ocean Eco 90  Alva Yachts


Not to be outdone, the Ocean Sail 82 Alva is billed as the most self-sufficient yacht of its size. The 80-footer features a state-of-the-art rig, hybrid propulsion and a high-capacity battery bank, which allows the vessel to generate renewable energy while at sea.

The ambitious yard is also targeting the houseboat and floating villa markets. The details are limited, but Alva has said that by incorporating advanced solar design, the floating homes will be able to function entirely off-grid in remote sun-plenty corners of the globe. No surprise, the first order has come from the ever-bright Maldives.

Ocean Sail 82 Alva

Ocean Sail 82 Alva  Alva Yachts

“Our goal is to provide floating solutions,” explains co-founder and managing director Mathias May. “The same technology and design ethos which creates beautiful, low-impact yachts can also drive change in the houseboat and floating villa sector. We believe the time is now ripe to push forward in the next step towards sustainability afloat. With our focus on high-end design and superior comfort, we are driving luxury towards sustainability.”

Now, that’s a future we can get on board with.

Check out more photos of the vessels and floating villas below:

Ocean Eco 90

Ocean Eco 90  Alva Yachts

Alva Yachts Ocean Resort

Alva Yachts Ocean Resort  Alva Yachts

Alva Yachts Ocean Resort

Alva Yachts Ocean Resort  Alva Yachts

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