An Aquatic Amazon Adventure

The hard-to-reach Pacaya Samiria Reserve, located in the Amazon River basin in Peru, is home to the endangered pink Amazon dolphin, the three-toed sloth, the jaguar, and now the M/V Aria, a luxury river cruiser. The M/V Aria, which is part of the Aqua Expeditions fleet, is available for private charter. It also can be secured for three-, four-, and seven-night itineraries (from $2,700 to $6,650) that include jungle exploration, fishing trips, dolphin watching, and more. In winter, guests can tour the flooded jungle’s inlets and river systems; in summer, when the river recedes, they can explore its sandy beaches.

The 147-foot vessel has 24 crew members (including four nature guides), 16 cabins with floor-to-ceiling windows, an air-conditioned top deck with an observation lounge, and the Amazon Grill restaurant. There is an exercise room and an outdoor Jacuzzi and sundeck, an Amazon wildlife reference library, and an air-conditioned multimedia room. (866.603.3687, www.aquaexpeditions.com)


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