Dominator Ilumen ~ Where Space and Light Come Together

The Dominator Ilumen 28M is a revolutionary yacht in every sense of the word and a very different ship to anything currently offered on the market, thanks to the innovative technical features and state-of-the-art design methods used in its creation.

The Ilumen 28M is the product of intense research and development, producing a yacht that features the most innovative design and advanced processing techniques available today. Ilumen was born of a skillful mix of engineering and design, where Andrea Agrusta, head of hydrodynamics and engineering, and Alberto Mancini, head of design and styling, were able to harmonize beauty, functionality and efficiency like no other yacht of the same length.

Space and light are at the heart of an architecture that brings in views through floor-to-ceiling windows in rooms dressed in backlit white onyx, ebony and zebrano wood, brushed steel and soft, hand-stitched nubuck leather. The interior is as sophisticated and opulent as a luxurious villa; touch a switch in the sumptuous master suite and a retractable ceiling slides open to reveal romantic views of the sky.


Double sliding glass doors add a sense of luxury, style and occasion as they provide access from the suite to the terrace. In a Dominator Ilumen 28M the most advanced technology and innovative engineering detail come together with the very highest standards of quality and craftsmanship to produce a bespoke masterpiece made for you alone.

Comfort, Style and Emotion

“Each and every Ilumen yacht is a thing of beauty – a synthesis of technology and design that uses the noblest materials to produce a wonderfully stylish, aesthetically pleasing interior environment and exterior architecture that turns heads. Above all, an Ilumen is created to produce an unequalled experience at sea, making this a powerful, dynamic ride and a nautical villa at the same time,” says Eng. Salvatore Chiappetta, Head of Ilumen Production. He spent most of his career at mega yacht builder Benetti and joined the Dominator Team as his experience perfectly matches with the mega yacht approach that Dominator applies in the Ilumen range.

About an exquisite bespoke experience

“The interior dressing of each yacht is a highly personal affair,” says Giulia Sigismondi, Head of the Dominator Bespoke Office, “so we work with the owners to make it a bespoke design that fits them like a glove in terms of taste and preferences.” One thing that remains constant is the sense of exquisite refinement and privilege created to each owner’s exacting taste.

Every summer has its own story …

Combine a visit to the Cannes Yachting Festival with a trip down the coast to view Dominator’s unique Ilumen 28M under construction in Fano, Italy and start creating your own story.

The Dominator team is hard at work in the build process for the outstanding Ilumen range. Consequently ‘with all hands on deck’, instead of the Cannes Yachtshow, the team will concentrate on exclusive shipyard visits this year.

Our expert team of engineers and designers will guide you through all technical and design aspects of the yacht such as the stunning volume of the living spaces, the size of the Flybridge or the details of the engine room.

If you are already advanced in your decision of building your own masterpiece, get in touch with us today to reserve a dedicated time for your personal shipyard visit and to help you with your travel arrangements: events@dominatoryachts.com

For more information visit dominatoryachts.com


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