Fast and Funky Baltic Yachts Pink Gin VI

The 175-foot Pink Gin VI from Baltic Yachts is the world’s largest carbon-fiber sloop with and features a unique interior.

The world’s largest carbon-fiber sloop, the 175-foot Pink Gin VI is the sixth yacht Baltic Yachts has built for owner Hans Georg Näder. Designed for cruising and racing, the Finnish-built Pink Gin VI can reach sailing speeds of 30 knots—hyperspeed for a sailing yacht this size. Pink Gin‘s 222-foot-high rig can carry 14,230 square feet of upwind sail, and the yacht has a special tail sail plan for strong performance in moderate and light-wind conditions. Beyond the yacht’s sailing prowess, Pink Gin VI is the ultimate cruising vessel, with a three-cockpit layout, a sizable swim platform, two foldout balconies, and five staterooms. The Design Unlimited interior is perhaps one of the most eclectic on the water, boasting a purple player piano with 8,600-year-old bog-oak keys, pewter furniture, and Baccarat chandeliers. The coolest, but least visible feature is its massive keel bulb is painted to look like a shark smoking a Cuban cigar.

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