Front Runners August 2015: Street to Sea

The Quintessence Yachts Aston Martin AM37 will debut at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2015...

Set to debut at the Monaco Yacht Show in September, the Quintessence Yachts Aston Martin AM37 (quintessenceyachts.com) represents a collaboration between the newly established Dutch boatbuilding brand and the British automaker. With input from Aston Martin, the boat was designed by Mulder Design, a Dutch firm for naval architecture, engineering, and design whose portfolio includes—in a coincidental connection to Aston Martin and its association with James Bond—the superyachts Octopussy, The World Is Not Enough, and Moonraker. The AM37 features a high-tech composite hull, carbon-fiber structural components, an interactive voice-control system, and a high-definition touchscreen for controlling navigation and multimedia functions. Two variants of the boat will be offered: the standard AM37, a vessel Quintessence describes as “a gran turismo leisure powerboat” that can reach speeds of about 44 knots, and the AM37S, which has a top speed of 52 knots. The company will announce prices at the Monaco launch.  

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