FrontRunners: Fractional Feadship

Suddenly, a feadship yacht is within easier reach. The Dutch boatbuilder, which typically parts with its vessels for $20 million or more, now has joined with Monocle Fractional Yachts (954.563.5808, www.monocleyachts.com) to offer three boats on a fractional ownership basis.

For a portion of the cost of the yacht, one can gain part ownership of a 128-foot steel craft (about $2.5 million for a one-tenth share), a 137-foot all-aluminum craft (about $2.7 million), or the sweeping, 150-foot Vantage F45 (about $3 million). Each share provides a month-per-year’s use of the vessel, which a seven-person crew operates. The aluminum and steel yachts will be available in 2007, the F45 in 2008. Monocle will handle all scheduling issues.

Monocle director of operations Loren Simkowitz observes that fractional ownership offers several advantages over chartering, particularly the equity that can be resold. “We feel that we’re opening the world of yachting to everyone,” he says. “It’s like having your own private cruise ship.”


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