FrontRunners: Splashy Entrance


SPLASHY ENTRANCE Catamarans, which at their most basic are two hulls connected by a frame, have evolved quite a bit since their invention thousands of years ago in the South Pacific. Consider the Ellips. This 28-foot aquatic oddity, built by Russia’s Paritet Boat (www.paritetboat.com), can accommodate a skipper and six passengers and reach about 75 mph. The boat is available in two versions, one for day trips and the other with two double-berth cabins and a head with shower. Both come with GPS, radar, sonar, autopilot capability, an 800-watt hi-fi system, and two refrigerators. The base vessel begins at about $250,000, the cabin version at about $280,000. Catamarans will be featured at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show on October 26 through 30; look for the display at Las Olas Marina.



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