FrontRunners: Vision Quest

Ward Setzer’s newest yachts, which range from 72 feet to 240 feet, reflect the designer’s vision—in name and design. “This time nobody is telling me how they want the boats to look,” declares Setzer of his Vision collection, which includes the 165-foot Vision Cerise (www.setzerdesign.com). Setzer has spent the last 24 years designing yachts for shipyards such as Delta Marine and Christensen, first as the head of Hatteras Yachts’ custom division and then, since 1991, as the principal of Setzer Design in North Carolina. Starting at $40 million, the Cerise is a customizable quad-deck yacht with a steel hull, an aluminum superstructure, and a striking plumb bow. Setzer requires a year to complete the design and another year for delivery.

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