FrontRunners: Water Snake

Earlier this year, a Skater 32 Race Pleasure peaked at 119 mph. However, the powerboat was not running on standard boat engines. Ilmor Engineering (734.456.3600, www.ilmor.com), which builds engines for the McLaren-Mercedes Formula One team, had equipped the Skater with something special. Twin models of the MV10-S, virtually the same 550-hp V-10 engine that powers the 192-mph Dodge Viper Competition Coupe, sat side by side inside the Skater.


Ilmor teamed with Skater to develop the fuel-injected MV10-S, a $41,300 engine that is compatible with any speedboat, not just a Skater. Speedboats traditionally feature iron V-8 engines. The all-aluminum MV10-S, which delivers 600 ft lbs of torque, weighs only 800 pounds, decreasing a boat’s weight while increasing its speed and performance. Also, its low idling speed allows for easier docking.

Except for a different cam-shaft and a remapped fuel injection system, the MV10 is the same as the Viper’s block. With its throaty grumble, the MV10 also sounds like a Viper engine.

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