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7 Jet-Powered Yachts That Bring Speed and Performance to the Water

From a 27-foot runabout to a 165-foot superyacht, these boats show the benefits of jet power: instant acceleration and an impressive top end, not to mention turn-on-a-dime maneuverability.

Jet power delivers instant acceleration, a strong top end and good maneuverability. Courtesy Mangusta Yachts

Jet-propelled boats come in all shapes and sizes, carrying several advantages over more traditionally powered vessels. The propulsion units operate much like that of a personal watercraft, pairing an inboard engine to a jet pump that sends a powerful stream of water through the rear to propel and steer the vessel.

Enviable acceleration, instant maneuverability and strong top ends are the pros of jet drives. The prop-less design also benefits vessels navigating in waters with sand bars, rocky bottoms or crab pots that stop boats with propellers.

While not particularly fuel-efficient, the beauty of this specialized, niche propulsion is that it can be scaled to work on everything from jet skis to sportfishing machines to superyachts. Typically, jets appeal to owners who crave performance and perhaps the bragging rights of owning a jet-powered boat.

Our 7 favorites, from the Yamaha 27SDX to the 165-foot Mangusta REV, show the versatility of the jet drive.

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