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‘Flying’ Surfboards Have Never Been More Popular. Here Are the 7 Best eFoils on the Market.

From inflatables in a bag to electric surfboards, these eFoils are creating a fun, new niche in watersports, with a board for every skill level.

7 Efoils that let you experience the water. Courtesy Foil

There’s a revolution going on in board sports, and the driving force is a vertical airplane-like wing that lifts the board above the surface, creating minimal drag as it moves through the water. That lets you fly, magic-carpet-style, effortlessly through even moderate waves. Among foiling boards, the easiest and most fun designs are eFoils. Or if you prefer the longer name: electric, motor-driven, hydrofoil-equipped surfboards.

Rather than having to paddle for waves or navigate surf, eFoils let riders power into offshore swells or simply carve on inland lakes and waterways, just by applying a little throttle via a handheld Bluetooth controller.

The best part? Once “flying” on the foil, the conditions below don’t necessarily have a significant impact on performance. It’s smooth surfing as long as the battery lasts or the waves aren’t too crazy. Here are seven of the coolest eFoil boards currently (or soon to be) on the market.

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