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Forget a Pilot House. This 160-Foot Superyacht Concept Can Be Helmed by a VTOL Aircraft Hovering Above.

Who needs a captain?

Gravity Superyacht Concept

Gravity is defined as the force by which a planet or other body draws objects toward its center. Max Zhivov’s latest concept takes that fascinating dynamic to the high seas. The new superyacht, fittingly christened Gravity, could be pulled along by a VTOL aircraft flying in the skies above it.

“I decided to unite the VTOL craft and the yacht in one object,” the designer told Robb Report via email.

Penned in partnership with Aston Engineering, the 160-footer automatically follows the aircraft short distances to eschew the need for steering. The yacht’s high-tech autopilot system means it could also be controlled from an app or the office of a travel company, according to Zhivov. The captain can still take the helm for longer or more complex trips.

Gravity Superyacht Concept
The VTOL aircraft sits on the upper deck. Max Zhivov

The designer didn’t go into specifics regarding tech or propulsion, but it certainly is an interesting concept. Gravity looks to the future of water tourism in which renting recreational machines could be more popular than buying them. If that is indeed the case, companies could offer self-sailing vessels to travelers looking to explore sans any navigation headaches.

“The ‘Autopilot Cruise’ could become a very attractive idea both for travelers and businesses alike,” Zhivov adds. The designer also previously unveiled an 85-foot, electric “Smartyacht” concept that could sail itself using your smartphone.

Gravity Superyacht Concept
The aft deck houses an infinity pool. Max Zhivov

This futuristic cruiser is by no means short on luxury, either. Zhivov says it offers the style of a superyacht and the comfort of a house. The open-plan interior is made up of movable walls that can be built using 3-D printing technologies, of course. This ensures there’s plenty of flexibility regarding layout.

Gravity Superyacht Concept
The aft deck can hold a tender. Max Zhivov

Outside, the aft deck is home to a striking infinity pool and a tender for joyrides. The upper deck is dedicated to a large helipad that holds the VTOL aircraft when not in use. The craft, which can take off and land vertically without relying on a runway, can be used by passengers to further explore the surroundings. As an added bonus, Zhivov says having the yacht following behind the aircraft can further extend flight time.

Looks like that’s the true force of Gravity.

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