Hodgdon Unveils Its Latest Megayacht Tender

Hodgdon Yachts, the East Boothbay, Maine, shipyard famed for its megayacht tenders, recently took the wraps off its inaugural hybrid-electric-propulsion model. The Onyx 41 features a standard diesel engine to power through open water and an electric engine for gas-free operation while docking and trolling. The new tender also includes a self-deploying fender system, built-in dock-line handling, joystick steering, and touchscreen controls.

Created in collaboration with the Miami-based DeBasto Designs, the tender has an open layout with plenty of windows, including a pair of skylights above the belowdecks living area. The tender’s floor plan includes a large sleeping berth, a wraparound settee, a galley, and a head. Above-deck seating runs almost the entire length of the semienclosed deck lounge, which opens to the outside with sliding panels and features a skylight roof. The Italian furniture maker Loro Piana provides all of the tender’s interior and exterior furnishings, which are made with weather- and stain-resistant fabrics. 


Hodgdon will begin a highly limited production of the Onyx 41 early next year—it plans to produce no more than three or four examples in total. (www.hodgdonyachts.com)

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