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Meet the Hydrosphere, a Glass ‘Elevator’ That Turns Your Superyacht Into an Underwater Aquarium

Soak in the seascape without getting your hair wet.

Seafarers may soon have an exciting new way to view the world beneath the waves. Gresham Yacht Design has unveiled a remarkable new concept dubbed the “Hydrosphere” that will allow you to explore the ocean without ever leaving your vessel.

The London outfit has not yet provided detailed information regarding the novel contraption save for a breathtaking, two-minute video on Vimeo. According to the accompanying blurb, the Hydrosphere immerses you in the surrounding oceanic environment by shooting off the hull of the superyacht.

Kind of like a more sophisticated, underwater version of Willy Wonka’s glass elevator, the ingenious structure deploys from the bottom of the vessel in minutes. It can seat up to seven guests, who can each soak in the seascape without ever getting their hair wet.


The hydrosphere deploys in minutes.  Gresham Yacht Design

In essence, the Hydrosphere will offer some of the views you might take in with a submersible. What differentiates it from a standard sub, however, is ease and speed. You won’t have to put in any time preparing a separate vessel for launch, nor arrange a dedicated captain and crew. You can simply walk downstairs, take the “elevator” and get unprecedented underwater views.


Special lighting illuminates both the interior space and the surrounding ocean.  Gresham Yacht Design

Furthermore, the Hydrosphere is equipped with special onboard lighting to illuminate the interior, as well as the all-encompassing deep blue. This means it can be enjoyed whenever you please. In fact, the structure can even be deployed while the superyacht is cruising up to 2 knots. Conversely, when not in use, it retracts back into the hull where it’s shielded by a durable external hatch.


The hydrosphere can seat seven guests, who can each soak in the seascape with the requisite bubbly.  Gresham Yacht Design

Gresham has garnered a reputation for innovative marine concepts. Earlier this year, the studio revealed the 394-foot gigayacht concept Emir, which features an epic two-level ballroom at its center. And back in 2020, Gresham’s 328-foot gigayacht Thor Explore made waves for a futuristic interior that looks as though it’s come straight from a science fiction flick.

This latest innovation may have a smaller footprint, but it’s easy to imagine the Hydrosphere becoming the yachting world’s newest (onboard) water toy.

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