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Introducing the Invictus Yacht 280GT by Christian Grande

Invictus Yacht is born.

The new yard presents their 280GT model, created in collaboration with Christian Grande Design Works Invictus was born from a challenge: to offer a new reference point for pleasure boat-building yards to the world yachting market. It’s not at all by chance that the new symbol chosen for the yard represents the eternal values of beauty, strength, protection and trust, all supported by tradition and experience in the nautical sector. Invictus features several different lines, among which the GT, FX and TT models, all conceived and built according to the qualities that have made Italian pleasure-boat shipyards the most appreciated in the world: esthetics, dependability, flexibility and a long lifespan.

Thanks to the collaboration with the famous Christian Grande DesignWorks office, Invictus has incorporated a remarkable technology component and a careful attention to details into the design. These elements offer a clear conception of the yacht: elegant and comfortable, state of the art equipment and attentive detailing, able to deal with every type of use and sea state.It reverse bow appears both sharp and massive at the same time, merging into the sides of the hull without frippery and crafted ad hoc using uniform transitions between full and empty shapes, while the cabin windows and the air intakes for the engines are shaped like simple lines that emphasize the monolithic characters that Christian Grande desired. The choice of this particular bow structure also allows for a longer waterline length for increased lengthwise stability, and regarding interior space, allows for a substantial increase in below-deck livability. 

Surfaces are designed as if they were carved shapes, and impart a sensation of sturdiness that is able to withstand any kinds of abuse and the worst aggression of the sea. The concept of sturdiness takes nothing away from the very attentive approach that has always characterized the work of the designer from Parma: the Invictus open yachts are always very attentive to every detail, from the choice of finishings to the completeness of the equipment.


“Invictus gave me the occasion to reinterpret a new evolution in nautical design, that I would call Nautical 2.0”, commented Christian Grande. “This is yachting that no longer begins with small to finish with large, but that with small has it’s own justification and search for excellence, with products that are a real representation of the contemporary market. Yachting that gives an emotional sensation, even with a limited size, thanks to the careful balance of form and with equipment that characterize solidity, spaciousness and comfort. Everything that one would have expected to find when aboard a large yacht is now at hand with the Invictus, with a singular and innovative design.”

When aboard the 280GT we find an ample stern bathing platform, with the engine housing covered with a sunbathing cushion that enlarges by rotating the rear backrest. The central zone hosts a comfortable L-shaped settee that faces the steering area, the latter with a solid double ergonomic seat and a midships position equipped with a galley module, complete with a refrigerator and lockers. The bridge, which also includes access to the interior, is protected by a wide sweep-around windscreen and equipped with the latest digital instrumentation, and includes a video monitor and a very useful inclinometer. The left side bulwarks is optimized for onboard movements and equipped with a spacious stowage space that can also be customized by the owner in several versions, including housing for a set of matching accessories. The bow zone, suited for sunbathing, is quite large and designed for total ease of use and covers the forward portion of the ample cabin, which is almost a small suite.

The Invictus 280GT is 8,90 meters long, with a beam of 2,84 meters, and comes equipped with a Volvo 5.7 V8 sterndrive (max 320hp/240kw), capable of providing a top speed of 38 knots. The 280GT can carry up to eight passengers and comes with a large cabin and separate bath and external galley module, with all the extras. At present four color schemes are available: the delicate “Vanilla Sea”, the more aggressive “Attack Grey”, the elegant “Dark Wood”, and the classic “Personal White”. The 280GT, like all the vessels of this series, can be customized both with accessories and equipment.

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